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Yes, I want to learn the AHMI Proprietary Home Marketing System and become a candidate for the Advanced Home Marketing Specialist® real estate designation.

I am registering for the AHMI Training Course to learn how to sell listings faster and for the most money possible, develop my home marketing skills, and differentiate myself in competence from other agents in my area.

After I complete the training and pass a certification exam, I may apply for the Advanced Home Marketing Specialist® designation — a mark of distinction only awarded to 1% of all agents in each U.S. state and Canadian province.

Once I am a designation-holder, I will gain access to an elite community of professionals to share ideas and referrals, along with ongoing training, marketing tools and strategies, and monthly coaching webinars.

In addition, I will receive the Celebrity Authority System with tools to promote my designation and instantly communicate my value to homeowners, the Listing Magnet System with tools to generate listings from 7 types of sellers, the Unique Advantage System with tools to demonstrate my skills and gain an edge over my competition, the AHMI Proprietary Home Marketing System with 16 templates, 55 examples, and the 35 most effective strategies for selling listings fast, and the Perpetual Referral System with tools to develop consistent flow of listings to sell.

60-Day Risk Free Guarantee:

I understand my investment is protected by your 100% satisfaction guarantee, which is available for up to 60-days after enrolling in the AHMI Training Course, or until I'm awarded the Adavanced Home Marketing Specialist® designation, whichever is sooner.

I also understand that I'll be thrilled with the training program and can go through the entire training, use the professional ad templates, and examples to sell my current listings, and use your proven strategies to get more listings.

And if I decide it’s not right for me, I can let AHMI know within the first two-months (or until I get my designation) and AHMI will refund my investment without any hesitation. So I have 60 days to review everything without risking anything.


By registering, (i) I agree to keep confidential proprietary systems and copyrighted information I receive in these materials and agree not to publish, resell, give away for free, or summarize for others‚ use in any way; and if awarded the designation, (ii) I am granted a single-user license to use the trademarked terms and copyright protected materials for my use only and not to be shared with others; (iii) I understand these materials will not be used if my status becomes inactive; and (iv) will be returned to AHMI / Advanced Home Marketing, LLC immediately upon demand should I violate any of the standards and terms I am agreeing to available at:

Enroll me in the AHMI Training Course today, and I certify I will not use the Advanced Home Marketing Specialist® designation until after it is awarded to me by meeting the qualifications.

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